Collection: DUMONT Paris

Dumont Paris is one of the leading perfume manufacturing companies in the Middle East, having a wide range of perfume products. With 25 years of experience in the sector, Dumont Paris has established a solid foundation that allows it to anticipate the development of trends and adapt accordingly to guarantee the quality and value of each product launched globally. Strength in private label manufacturing is another area Dumont is known for. Their experience, attention to detail and love for the craft are reflected in each perfume they create for clients seeking excellence and value in their products. Dumont Paris is aimed at creating breakthrough innovations in the perfume industry, using the best equipment, manufacturing its products sustainably, exercising best manufacturing practices, leveraging talent and building a diverse workforce with equal benefits for all involved. in achieving its objectives. While excellence and high standards are part of their endeavor, the well-being of each member of their team remains their top priority, because they fervently believe that greater success can be achieved if they are given due importance.