Collection: FragranceWorld

More than three decades ago, the majestic journey of Fragrance World Trading was launched through the unrivaled vision of visionary entrepreneurs. Wrapping themselves in the captivating essence of perfumes , cosmetics and electronics, they strived to achieve excellence, revealing to their clients the most exquisite through continuous innovation. The unwavering strength of their entrepreneurial spirit, added to the exquisite focus on the demands of their most demanding clients, has allowed them to flourish and establish themselves as a symbol of distinction throughout the region.

With unmatched dedication, they establish themselves as the leading business house, committed to offering their distinguished clients an unparalleled selection of the world's finest perfume brands. Additionally, they decorate their collections with their own brands, whose essence is born in the same domains of the United Arab Emirates .

Owners of ten superb wholesale outlets in the United Arab Emirates, each under evocative names such as Fragrance World Trading, Al Ghuroob Trading, French Avenue , Perfume Paradise and Athoor Al Alam , their refined warehousing facility stretches across thousands of square metres, resplendent in abundance.

Hand in hand with similar interests in electronics and cosmetics, they entertain more than 150 committed souls. His thriving business spreads with distinction across the domains of the GCC, CIS, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States. In the eternal search for perfection and innovation, they have evolved and have established themselves as undisputed protagonists in the spheres that today they conquer with magnificence.