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CASABLANCA Perfume Unisex Fragrance -Swiss Arabian Perfume

CASABLANCA Perfume Unisex Fragrance -Swiss Arabian Perfume

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Why choose Casablanca ?

Swiss Arabian Perfumes Casablanca unisex fragrance is a masterpiece of perfumery that transports wearers through the beauty and grandeur of the city that inspired it. This fragrance offers a complete sensory experience, from the fruity top notes to the woody and amber base notes that create a sense of mystery and seduction.

Delicious fruity freshness

The fragrance begins with a burst of fruity freshness that comes from the notes of apple and grape. This combination of fruits creates an irresistible fragrance that attracts everyone's attention. The fruity aroma adds a juicy and sweet touch that turns this fragrance into a pleasurable sensory experience.

A warm and woody blend

The heart of the Casablanca fragrance is composed of the intensity of patchouli wood and orris root. These ingredients are a perfect addition to the fragrance, creating a warm, woody blend that evokes the feeling of walking down the city streets at sunset.

A golden amber sunset

The Casablanca fragrance has a seductive, golden base of amber, balsam and musk. These ingredients combine to create a sense of mystery and seduction that leaves a lasting mark on the memory of whoever uses it. The base of the fragrance is a golden sunset that evokes the feeling of a perfect end to a summer day.

Fragrance unisex

Size 100 mL

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