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Perfume Oriental

Perfume AJWAD-Lattafa

Perfume AJWAD-Lattafa

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Immerse yourself in the opulence and mystery of Ajwad , the captivating oriental fragrance for women from renowned Arabian perfume house Lattafa . Inspired by the fascinating Roses Vanille Mancera , Ajwad is an exquisite elixir that awakens the senses and envelops with its floral-woody accords.

In its opening, the softness of vanilla is intertwined with the exuberance of honey rose, creating an olfactory symphony that evokes elegance and passion. At the heart of this creation, jasmine and rose perform their seductive dance, weaving an enchanting floral narrative. The base reveals the depth of the musk, merging with cedar wood, which provides a smoky and coniferous note, like a painting of perfect contrasts.

The bottle, a beautiful mosaic-shaped work of art, adds a touch of luxury to your vanity, while the fragrance itself transports you to a world of dreams and narratives of yesteryear, like the stories of Amira.

Discover a universe of charm and sophistication with Ajwad , the olfactory jewel that Lattafa has created for adventurous souls looking to explore new oriental fragrances. Elevate your senses, embrace the mystery and be seduced by the scented art of Ajwad.

Fragrance Women

Size 60 mL

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