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CHERRY INCENSE Perfume 80ml-Fragrance World

CHERRY INCENSE Perfume 80ml-Fragrance World

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Immerse yourself in the exquisite fragrance of Cherry Incense Perfume / Eau De Parfum 80ml by FRAGRANCE WORLD and let yourself be carried away by a unique and opulent sensory experience. Inspired by the distinguished essence of Tom Ford 's Cherry Smoke , this masterful creation fuses fruity sweetness with smoky sophistication in a truly luxurious harmony.

In the opening note, a captivating burst of ripe cherries unfolds, seasoned with the captivating spice of saffron. This aromatic symphony awakens the senses with intoxicating opulence, marking the beginning of an exceptional olfactory journey.

As the fragrance evolves towards the middle note, the bouquet is enriched by the majestic presence of leather, adding a sophisticated depth that elevates the composition to new heights of refinement. The subtle floral notes of osmanthus bloom delicately, providing a touch of femininity that balances the intensity of leather and cherries.

At the base, woody and smoky notes merge into an intoxicating symphony that evokes the comforting warmth of a night by the fire. Wood and smoke intertwine to create an irresistible trail of mystery and seduction, leaving an indelible impression on whoever experiences it.

Cherry Incense is more than a fragrance, it is a statement of elegance and sophistication for those who seek the extraordinary in every detail. Immerse yourself in this luxury elixir and let yourself be seduced by its unique and captivating charm.

Fragrance UNISEX

Size 80 mL

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Perfume cherry incense

Pésimo, lo compre porque fragances of word tiene clónazos, este por desgracia no, olor similar pero como si te echaras agua no dura ni 5 minutos aunque te bañes en el, una pena porque m hubiera encantado q fuera mejor.He tirado el dinero.

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