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CRAFT NOIRE Perfume -Vurv-Lattafa

CRAFT NOIRE Perfume -Vurv-Lattafa

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Immerse yourself in the sophistication and exclusivity of "Lattafa Vurv Craft Noire ", a singular creation that awakens the captivating beauty of the desert and the luxurious feel of leather. This fragrance displays a deep and nuanced composition based on three main notes that will transport you on an incomparable olfactory journey.

At the top, an explosion of cardamom is perceived that enlivens the senses, unfolding an unpredictable path of aromatic nuances. This spicy and fresh accord builds an exceptionally intriguing and captivating introduction to the universe of perfumes.

The heart of the fragrance reveals the secret of jasmine sambac and patchouli flowers, dominating the central notes and providing a richness and complexity that fragrance connoisseurs are sure to love.

The base notes, white amber and resins, create a persistent and long-lasting aroma that seduces with its warm presence. These elements enhance the essence of the leather, providing the perfume with a vivid and intense character that leaves no doubt about the individuality and distinction of " Lattafa Vurv Craft Noire ".

This perfume is not limited to being a fragrance, it is an expression of your personal style, tastes and uniqueness. This creation will envelop your skin with a unique aroma that fuses the beauty of the desert and the authenticity of natural leather. It is an olfactory journey where you can reveal your unique personality and experience an incomparable fullness of life.

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Size 100 mL

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