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Perfume Oriental

Perfume L'EAU D'RIVIERÉ ÉDITION D'FUSION -Fragrance world

Perfume L'EAU D'RIVIERÉ ÉDITION D'FUSION -Fragrance world

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Immerse yourself in the magical charm of Fragrance World L'Eau D'Rivieré Édition D'Fusion Eau De Parfum 100ml, a captivating essence that harmoniously fuses elements of nature to weave an unforgettable olfactory journey.

At the dawn of this aromatic symphony, the heady embrace of cardamom and bergamot dance in an invigorating and seductive opening, setting the stage for the exquisite tale that unfolds. As the fragrance evolves, the heart reveals itself in an intricate weave of coconut, mint, lavender, mineral notes and solar chords, an aromatic poetry that captures the very essence of the outdoors and its cool breezes.

Intertwined like verses, base notes weave the final narrative with sandalwood and patchouli, a warm, earthy foundation that leaves a captivating, sophisticated trail on your skin. Inspired by Issey Miyake's Fusion d'Issey Extrême, this fragrance pays homage to the art of fusion, where each note intertwines like the stanzas of a poem, creating something truly extraordinary.

Designed for the modern man, Fragrance World L'Eau D'Rivieré Édition D'Fusion belongs to the fougère aromatic family, a hymn to nature and its charms. It's the perfect companion for the radiant seasons of summer and spring, a melody of freshness and vibrancy that reflects the daring spirit of outdoor adventures.

A treasure in its bottle, this 100ml Eau De Parfum guarantees you a generous supply of this captivating scent. The natural mist, like a brush caressing a canvas, gives you a fluid and luscious application, enriching your experience with a touch of art.

Forged in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by the prestigious Fragrance World brand, this fragrance is an ode to the luxury and refined elegance of the region. Elevate every moment of your day with the invigorating essence of L'Eau D'Rivieré Édition D'Fusion, an aromatic symphony that sings of your adventurous spirit and sophisticated taste.

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Cardamom, Bergamot

Heart notes: Coconut, Mint, Lavender, Mineral Notes, Solar Notes

Base notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli.

Fragrance Man

Size 100 mL

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