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Perfume Oriental

Perfume NASEEM GOLD Solid | Naseem Perfumes

Perfume NASEEM GOLD Solid | Naseem Perfumes

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In the golden shimmer of 5 grams of Naseem Gold Solid Perfume an aroma of temptation unfolds, a gourmet delight with luscious fruit essences and captivating oriental nuances, in a seductive embrace of musk.

Juicy, sparkling grapefruit dances with exotic figs, while subtle bitterness bergamot intertwines with spicy rhubarb, delicately enticing a reddish and yellow melon, at the heart of which rests a sweet pineapple mousse.

The swing of oriental chords presents the enigmatic herbaceous patchouli together with the animal embrace of leather, while a soft amber caresses like the golden nectar of the goddesses.

From a gold and matte box, the solid perfume is applied with a touch in the pulsating areas, such as the wrists, behind the ears, on the neckline... Open the box by sliding the lid to the left and let yourself be seduced by this scent unique and enveloping.

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