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Perfume Oriental

PEPPER SO SPICY Perfume 100ML -Fragrance World

PEPPER SO SPICY Perfume 100ML -Fragrance World

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Discover " Pepper so Spicy ", a unique fragrance from Fragrance World inspired by Guerlain Épices Volées, captivating with its freshness and intensely spicy accords. This fragrance is a true enigma, full of intriguing nuances and, at the same time, offering a refreshing sensation, enriched with oriental accents.

The top notes reveal a luxurious composition of galbanum and freesia. This duet awakens the senses and prepares the chords for an even deeper olfactory journey.

The middle notes transform into a symphony of milk and rose. Its aroma is like a soft spring breeze, adding romanticism and subtlety to the perfume.

And the base notes, vetiver and amber, conclude this concert of fragrances with their earthy and sandy tones, creating a unique and intoxicating finish.

" Pepper so Spicy " is a fragrance that indelibly testifies to your uniqueness, giving you confidence and charisma. Luxurious, vibrant and yet subtle - this is a scent that will not go unnoticed.

Fragrance unisex

Size 100 mL

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