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ROSE EXPLOSION Perfume -FA Paris-Fragrance World

ROSE EXPLOSION Perfume -FA Paris-Fragrance World

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Rose Explosion by FRAGRANCE WORLD , part of the exclusive FA Paris collection , immerses you in a luxurious and mysterious world, inspired by Initio Atomic Rose . This scent is a journey through the most colorful flower gardens in the world.

✨ Exit Notes: Opens with refreshing bergamot, hedione and soft pink pepper. It is a fragrant burst reminiscent of the first spring bloom. Here you will find a refreshing citrus touch, promising the start of an adventure.

🌹 Heart Notes: Immerse yourself in the heart of this fragrance and discover the subtle Bulgarian rose, the fragrant Egyptian jasmine and the sensual Turkish rose. This floral triumph creates a romantic and magical atmosphere that is difficult to resist. It is a symphony of love and passion whispered softly in your ear.

🌰 Base Notes: Concludes with the warmth and delicacy of amber and the sweet vanilla of Madagascar. These ingredients add warmth and grace, giving depth and longevity to the fragrance. It's a finishing touch that makes you come back to this fragrance again and again.

"Rose Explosion" is more than a perfume . It is a peculiar art, an expression and a sanctuary for your personality. It is a choice for those who dare to be different, decisive and magical. Being part of " Rose Explosion " is an experience worth discovering and knowing, not only by smell, but also by the heart.

Embark on this world of roses, vanilla and amber. "Rose Explosion" is more than a scent; It is a journey that leaves an indelible impression.

Top Notes: Begin with refreshing bergamot, citrus hedione and soft pink pepper.

Heart Notes: subtle Bulgarian rose, fragrant Egyptian jasmine, sensual Turkish rose.

Base Notes: Resonate with amber and sweet Madagascar vanilla.

Fragrance unisex

Size 80 mL

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