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Perfume Oriental

THERAPY Perfume Aroma West

THERAPY Perfume Aroma West

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Immerse yourself in the oriental allure of Aroma Therapy Eau de Parfum , by Aroma West , it is a unisex masterpiece that captivates all fragrance lovers. This luxurious niche composition is essential for connoisseurs of quality perfumery with woody and citrus undertones. It is a tribute to musk, a sensual and intoxicating component that attracts and seduces. Its frank, slightly animalistic tone enhances the natural charm and attracts the attention of the chosen hearts.

The top of the olfactory pyramid is crowned by radiant magnolia, activating the senses of pleasure, and herbaceous notes of black currant leaves, stimulating energy. At the captivating heart of the composition, seductive musk intertwines with the juicy freshness of mandarin. The trail languishes with the exquisite citric acidity of bergamot and the warm and welcoming chords of sandalwood. This beautiful multifaceted fragrance will make you feel relaxed and comfortable in any situation, finding harmony with the outside world.

Inspired by Initio Musk Therapy , Aroma Therapy invites you to explore a new world of oriental fragrances. Let its essence wrap you in a unique sensory experience. Experience the magic today.

Fragrance unisex

Size 100 mL

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