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Perfume Oriental

Perfume VELVET ROSE-Lattafa

Perfume VELVET ROSE-Lattafa

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Discover the captivating scent of Lattafa Velvet Rose , a luxurious and elegant new fragrance for the sophisticated modern woman . Inspired by exquisite oriental aromas, this perfume is presented in an exclusive rose and rose gold bottle, housed in a velvet box, perfect as a treasure worth appreciating.

Top notes of sweet rose and patchouli awaken the senses with a floral and woody harmony. The heart of labdanum and musk permeates and prevails, a hymn to blossoming. While base notes of musk and amber provide a subtle, oriental scent that leaves a lasting impression.

In the words of an expert perfumer, the exquisite mix of these notes creates an impeccable olfactory bouquet that captivates from the first spray. Lattafa Velvet Rose pays tribute to empowered femininity and becomes a must-have accessory for every special occasion or as an everyday fragrance.

Discover luxury and sophistication in every drop of Lattafa Velvet Rose , a fragrance that will make a statement anywhere you go. Allow this exquisite scent to envelop you and lift you to new heights of elegance and style!

Fragrance Women

Size 100 mL

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