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Perfume Oriental

VERTEX-Emir-Paris Corner Perfume

VERTEX-Emir-Paris Corner Perfume

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Enter the refined world of elegance with the exquisite Vertex perfume by Paris Corner .

In the realm of perfumes, there are creations that transcend the ordinary and rise to the level of olfactory masterpieces. Vertex is one of these magnificent creations, a fragrance that personifies the sophistication and good taste of a man of high distinction.

Inspired by Roja Dove 's prestigious Apex essence, Vertex offers an unparalleled sensory experience. With an Eau de Parfum concentration, this fragrance stands as a true emblem of luxury and exclusivity.

In its opening, Vertex displays a symphony of citrus and fresh notes that captivate the senses. Vibrant orange, juicy mandarin, aromatic bergamot and lively lemon masterfully intertwine, creating an explosion of freshness that evokes the luminosity of a sunrise over an exotic landscape.

The heart of this fragrance is an aromatic poem composed of notes such as sweet pineapple, exotic Cistus Incanus and delicate jasmine flower. This harmonious combination exudes incomparable sophistication, reflecting the refined taste of the modern gentleman.

But it is at the base where Vertex reveals its deepest and most captivating essence. Majestic chiparos, balsamic pine, intoxicating leather, sensual patchouli, warm tobacco and mysterious olibanum come together in an olfactory dance that exudes elegance and masculinity. This complex and rich amalgamation of notes leaves a lasting trail of mystery and sophistication, making Vertex a true emblem of distinction.

Vertex is not just a perfume; It is a statement of style and good taste. Designed for the man who seeks excellence in every aspect of his life, Vertex by Paris Corner is the ultimate choice for those who want to stand out with elegance and sophistication on any occasion.

Fragrance MAN

Size 100 mL

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Buen clon

Buena copia pero con su propia personalidad. Buena calidad, desempeño de 7/8 horas y espero mejore con la maceración y asiente el aroma.

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