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PURE NEROLI Perfume -Paris Corner

PURE NEROLI Perfume -Paris Corner

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Puro Neroli by Paris Corner is a fragrance, inspired by Tom Ford PortoFino , which combines citrus and woody notes to create a unique and sophisticated olfactory experience. In the top notes, we find bergamot, mandarin orange, lemon, bitter orange, lavender, rosemary and myrtle. These notes provide a refreshing and revitalizing sensation that awakens the senses and transports us to a Mediterranean paradise.

In the middle notes, African orange blossom and neroli blend with jasmine and pitosporum to create a delicate, floral aroma that is both warm and enveloping. These floral notes blend perfectly with the citrus top notes to create a fresh and vibrant olfactory experience.

Finally, in the base notes, we find amber, ambrette and angelica, which give the perfume an earthy and woody sensation that gives depth and longevity to the fragrance on the skin. These notes bring an elegance and sophistication to the fragrance that make it perfect for any occasion. In summary, Puro Neroli is a complex and sophisticated fragrance that combines citrus and woody notes to create a unique and refined olfactory experience.

Fragrance unisex

Size 100 mL

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