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Perfume Oriental

SHAGHAF MEN Perfume 75 ML EDP-Swiss Arabian Perfumes

SHAGHAF MEN Perfume 75 ML EDP-Swiss Arabian Perfumes

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Shaghaf : A woody and oriental scent for men

With Shaghaf, learn what drives passion and tenacity. Everything you are and everything you want to be is embodied in this woody oriental fragrance for men . Lavender and lemon notes in the fragrance's opening notes exude an air of freshness and vitality. As it unfolds, a combination of herbaceous and marine notes take you on an olfactory journey to a regal core of oakmoss and aquatic notes, evoking the peace of a forest under the treetops. A warm embrace of patchouli and amber adds the finishing touch, transporting you to a sunset with a pleasantly glowing horizon. The Shaghaf men's fragrance is ideal for the cooler months. Choose the one that inspires you the most. Discover the essence that defines you.

Fragrance Man

Size 75 mL

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